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Increasing Mobility in Elderly Adults


Limited mobility is common among elderly adults, especially when faced with conditions that affect their muscles, joints, and bones. Some seniors may have decreased mobility due to inactivity from hospitalization.

To increase mobility in elderly adults, they may need assistance from family caregivers or a home care provider. At our home care facility, we help our residents get the movement they need for better mobility and overall health.

  • Reasons for Limited Mobility
    Various conditions limit mobility in seniors. Arthritis is a top reason, a medical condition that causes inflammation and stiffness in one or more joints. Other conditions would be when an elderly adult has osteoporosis, heart issues, or reduced eyesight and hearing.

    At Friendly Neighbors Alternative Living Services, we attend to residents faced with these conditions. What we emphasize in our ADL services is exercise, which improves mobility and general physical and mental well-being.
  • Importance of Exercise
    Exercise is very important for increasing mobility, especially for people with arthritis or other conditions that affect joint function. Exercise for seniors reduces joint pain, enhances flexibility, and strengthens muscles.

    As part of our alternative living services in Georgia, we provide exercise or physical activities as part of our programs. Our caregivers encourage and assist their patients in getting the needed exercise planned for them in a day or a week.
  • Increasing Mobility
    To increase mobility, elderly adults benefit from a planned exercise targeting their needs. In licensed personal care homes, we provide personalized care programs that include the needed physical activity for seniors.

If you think this is a way for your senior loved one to achieve better recovery, our personal care home placement will help. We partner with trusted care homes to give them the quality of care they deserve while also considering their preferences.

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