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Keeping Your Home Safe for Older Adults


Seniors have an increased risk of falling, especially as they age. With this, it’s fundamental that you keep your home safe or personal care home placement if you think your loved ones need it. You can keep your loved ones safe and start at home. Learn more below:

  • Fall-proof your home

    Most seniors have balance issues, especially when they have conditions related to their vision. If they have fallen before, you must focus on keeping your home safe to prevent fall accidents in the future. If seniors are at licensed personal care homes, rest assured that they remain safe.

  • Fix the communal areas.

    Whether it’s the bathroom or the living room, remove any potential hazards that will put seniors at risk of falling. Clear up the hallways, stairs, and paths from objects, including shoes or books. Install handrails in the bathroom or on the stairways.

  • Ensure protection against poisoning.

    Besides falling or tripping accidents, seniors are at risk of poisoning. Keep medications and cleaning products separate! Don’t place them in the same storage area or anywhere near each other. If you need assistance from caregivers, a home care provider will provide you with caregivers who deliver care and support.

As a provider of alternative living services in Georgia, Friendly Neighbors Alternative Living Services will help you take control of your health and lifestyle. We will be there to guide you every step of the way. We offer assistance with personal care home placement, including 24-hour supervision and care management, a family atmosphere in a residential setting, assistance with nutritious meals, and many more. Contact us today for more details.

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