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When to Seek Helping Hands for Aging Loved Ones


There seems to be a prevailing notion that availing of home placement assistance jeopardizes the autonomy of aging individuals. Because of this, most seniors may hesitate to express their need for such. As a result, family members will need to put more effort into detecting whether it is time to seek helping hands for their aging loved ones.

Allow us at Friendly Neighbors Alternative Living Services, your trusty provider of alternative living services in Georgia, to help! At our company, we endeavor to aid seniors and families in whatever way we can—including arming them with what it takes to make well-informed decisions.

In light of that, let us, elderly care experts, shed light on the different signs indicating it’s time for alternative home placement options.

  • Challenges with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs):

    Performing routine tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, preparing healthful meals, and getting around the home is imperative for the health and well-being of seniors. If your aging loved one encounters difficulties with these, moving into a care home might be the ideal step.

  • Health Decline

    When seniors begin to experience a decline in their physical or mental health, such as grappling with chronic conditions, being hospitalized frequently, or having memory issues, care homes can offer unparalleled support and monitoring.

  • Elevated Safety Risks

    When safety concerns occur within the home, it makes sense to start looking into home placement options. Among many things, care homes are well-equipped to provide a safe environment and around-the-clock supervision.

You can contact us anytime for questions regarding personal care home placement.

Are you looking for licensed personal care homes? We’ve got you covered!


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